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Braille Scanner

‘세상에서 가장 아름다운 반지‘

반지의 형태를 가진 EYE RING은 평소에 손가락에 끼고 있다가 언제 어디서든 쉽게 책이나 글자를 읽을 수 있어서 많은 정보를 얻을 기회가 없었던 시각장애인 들에게 새로운 눈을 선물해 줄 수 있는 점자스캐너입니다.

‘The most beautiful ring in the world‘

Books provide education, sensation and various information like piles of present package for people. However, not all people get the option of choosing the presents like visually impared which they lack the equal chance.
Today, there are only 0.1% braille books available in Korea. It also means that visually impared people have 0.1% chance of reading books. Moreover, library shows poor display of braille books.

In reality, we try to think in their point of view to provide comfortable reading and we recommand a ring type of braille scanner that are suitable and easy in any environment.  This ring is easy to wear and take off to use whenever one needs to.

Once the outer part of ring scans the letters and the braille point appears. The circle part of the scanner reads the nearest starting letter first.
Plus, one can hear the information through any connecting devices like bluetooth. Its entire shape shows a clear and specific usage of simple function. 

Control wheep is the power control of bluetooth making it a convenient use for the visual impaired to turn the switch.
If tilted towards to a side makes the power off and turn it once more then a voice conversion is available for bluetooth.
Turn the ring in opposite direction and the power goes off. It is considerably made for any users allowing to feel the touch.